Dog Attacks

Any attack from a dog or other animal can be a horrifying experience.  Often the injuries can be very severe and can leave permanent injuries and scarring. Additionally, there are emotional, psychological and financial repercussions from these types of attacks.

About Dog Attack Cases

In the U.S., most states make dog owners liable for all dog bites. A few require the dog bite victim to prove that the animal was vicious or that the owner or another party caused the attack due to negligence or by being in violation of an animal control law (i.e. a leash law). Often, the victim’s legal damages are covered by the dog owner’s homeowners and renters insurance policies, or by general liability policies that insure businesses and public entities

What You Need to Know

The first thing you should do if you are bitten by any animal is to seek medical attention. An animal bite may not look serious, but can cause serious injury, infection, and can even become life-threatening if the animal was diseased.

The Law Regarding Dogs

In Georgia the dog owner is usually responsible for injuries or damages caused by their dog.

Parties Other Than The Owner

Sometimes, people other than the dog owner also may be held
responsible for a dog bite or
attack. These could include:

A landlord or other property owner
A homeowner’s association or condominium board
A property management company
Whoever sold the dog to the owner

Document the Attack

Make sure to get the name and 
phone number of the animal’s owner.

A neighbor or witness may
help provide that information if the owner isn’t present.

Get the names and phone numbers of
any witnesses, too.

Take photos of all of your wounds
and any damage to your clothing or other property,
and it is advisable to get an attorney
involved right from the beginning.

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